January 5, 2021 Regular Meeting

The Lakota City Council held its regular meeting December 7th, 2020, at the City Hall. Mayor Hooey called the meeting to order at 6:03 p.m. All Council Members were present, except Members R. Mattern who was absent.  Engineer Barry Glienke was in attendance.  City Attorney Jayme Tenneson and City employee were on speaker phone. 

Member Hess made a motion to approve the December 7th, 2020 regular council meeting minutes, seconded by Member Vasichek.  Member D. Mattern abstained.  Motion carried. 

Mayor Hooey recognized Engineer Barry Glienke.



Engineer Glienke provided information on the bid opening for the water transmission line project.  Engineer Glienke stated the engineers estimate for the project was $1,003,225 and he received 4 bids as follows:

Alternate 1 - Project Completion date of February 28, 2021

  • Spruce Valley Corp. - $1,479,884

Alternate 2 – Project Completion date of May 31, 2021

  • Wagner Construction - $1,009,524
  • Naastad Brothers - $1,194,914
  • Spruce Valley Corp. - $1,265,254

Engineer Glienke stated he would recommend awarding the project to Wagner Construction for $1,009,524 to be completed by May 31, 2021 with the condition of final funding approval.  Engineer Glienke stated CDBG funding is $310,000 that includes $75,000 of emergency funding for any work that was already completed and State Water Commission funding of $618,000.   Engineer Glienke stated the award letters are out for signatures and need to be received before the project can be awarded.

Member Hess made a motion to approve the bid of $1,009,524 from Wagner Construction for the Water Transmission Line Project to be completed by May 31, 2021 with the condition of final funding approval, seconded by Member Solberg.  On a roll call vote, all members voting in favor.  Motion carried.

Engineer Glienke stated the State Water Commission would allow 60% of the funding to cover engineering expenses for the project if the city would complete the Qualifications for Engineering selection process. 

Member Vasichek made a motion to approve the advertisement for Qualifications for Engineering services, seconded by Member Hess.  On a roll call vote, all members voting in favor.  Motion carried.

Engineer Glienke left the meeting at 6:20pm.

At 6:21pm Member Hess motioned to move into executive session as allowed by NDCC 44.04-19.1 to discuss Employee Evaluations and potential negotiations, seconded by Member Vasichek.  Motion carried.

Whereby, the City Council met in executive session to discuss and review employee evaluations and potential negotiations as authorized by NDCC 44-04-19.1.  Present were Mayor Hooey and Council Members Solberg, Vasichek, Hess, Fahey, and D. Mattern.  Also present was Auditor Vasichek.  The executive session was adjourned at 7:26pm

Mayor Hooey reconvened the regular city council meeting.

Member Hess made a motion to approve a 1.3% COL wage increase for employees Burkland, Vasichek, Herda, Jutila and Mclean; $.50 increase for Richardson; and adjusting Skogen’s wage to $15/hr., seconded by Member D. Mattern.  On a roll call vote, all members voting in favor, except Member Vasichek who abstained.  Motion carried.



No new business.



Supt. Herda provided his report of the crew activities to the council and is attached with the minutes.

Supt. Herda stated Forest River Colony is done with the landfill work.

Attorney Tenneson entered the meeting via phone conference at 7:31pm.

Member Vasichek questioned if Supt. Herda has heard back if he is enrolled in the next water certification testing round.  Supt. Herda stated he will check into it.

Member Solberg stated he would like the city to explore the cross training for the electrical program and possibly enroll in a four-year Journeyman Lineman program.

Supt. Herda questioned if Member Solberg contacted Blueline Gutter system about the gutter repair at the community center. Member Solberg stated he had not.

Member Hess asked Supt. Herda if he would not move snow onto the A. Brossart property and the east side of Grace Church.


No additional report provided.


Sheriff not in attendance.


Member Solberg stated he would like the city to start a policy that clearly states what the city will pay for on underground electrical trenching.  Some discussion about the city to supply wire and trenching if the homeowner installs a bypass lever at the meter socket.

Member Solberg made a motion to adopt an electrical policy requiring a homeowner to pay for the electrical meter socket and install a bypass lever; while the city provides the appropriate secondary wire and underground trenching to the residence, seconded by Member Vasichek.  All members voting in favor.  Motion carried.

Member Vasichek stated he has been re-appointed to the Nelson County Planning & Zoning committee.

Mayor Hooey stated he was contacted by the Lakota School that they would like to offer golf as an option for their high school kids and was hoping the city would work with them on a reduce fee.

Member Vasichek stated he is fine with working with the school on this as it is beneficial to the kids but would like all parties to continue a good working relationship on the community center agreement. 

Member D. Mattern stated the NC JDA has information on the housing rehab program and the deadline is February 1st.

Member Hess questioned if we would open for walking at the community center.  Member Vasichek stated he will visit with the school board on this as COVID numbers are declining but would recommend a scheduled time of opening such as 7am-noon Monday-Friday.

Attorney Tenneson physically entered the room at 7:56pm.

Member Hess suggested reaching out to the owner of the Buckshot Lodge as he noticed the fire escape windows, he is installing are rather small and in the fire code the opening needs to be 20” W X 24” H.  Auditor Vasichek stated she will reach out to Chris Ahl via e-mail.


No report given.



No report given.


Auditor Vasichek’ s written report was provided and attached with minutes.

Auditor Vasichek stated she was contacted by School Supt. Baumgarn who indicated the school board would like to visit again about the community center gym floor as the bubbling is still present.

Member Vasichek stated the city has invested money into remedying this issue and the floor is the school’s property.  Member Solberg stated he would visit with Supt. Baumgarn and Jim Klindt on a remedy to the flooring.

The council reviewed the financial and utility reports provided.



Attorney Tenneson stated he has not received a response from Caldwell Tanks about closing out the project but will send a follow up e-mail to them indicating the city will contact their bonding agency if no response is provided.

Attorney Tenneson stated he has submitted a bill to Knife River Materials for the bulk water they used without approval and has not received a response.


After review of the bills and vouchers, a motion was made by Member Vasichek to pay all the bills presented for payment and those bills paid prior to the meeting. Member Hess seconded the motion. Motion carried on roll call vote of 5-0.

Advanced Business Methods                             $          289.00

Aflac                                                               $         428.26

Agcom Credit                                                   $          335.80

Associated Pool Builders                                  $     19,479.10

Aamot, Leonard                                               $            93.66

BCBS                                                               $        4,707.37

Bolton & Menk                                                $      20,030.00

Cardmember                                                    $           412.25

CMS                                                                $           134.03

Dept. of Justice                                                $           447.60

EFTPS                                                              $        1,962.70

EFTPS                                                              $        1,946.61

Farmers Union Oil                                            $        1,310.34

Ferguson Waterworks                                       $      87,295.80

Forest River Salvage                                         $        2,500.00

Gasser, Tim                                                      $           475.00

Job Service                                                      $        1,155.22

Lake Region Pest Control                                 $           435.00

Lakota Bucks                                                   $           500.00

Lakota Farm Service                                         $      14,210.00

Lakota Hardware                                              $           196.16

Lakota Municipal Utilities                                $            300.00

Lakota Municipal Utilities                                $            498.78

Lakota Municipal Utilities                                $         7,412.00

Lakota Sanitation Service                                 $        7,949.20

MRES                                                              $      48,884.12

MMUA                                                            $           375.00

Nationwide                                                      $          362.50

NDPERS                                                          $        2,909.85

Nelson County Sheriff                                      $        2,318.40

Nelson County Treasurer                                  $      24,261.15

Neonlink                                                          $           175.80

Nodak Electric                                                 $           639.13

North-Holt                                                       $       4,260.50

Northstar Aviation                                            $       1,608.00

ND-Office of State Tax                                     $          239.09

Ohnstad Electric                                               $        1,429.23

Polar                                                                $            683.45

Pomp’s Tire                                                     $           412.90

Quill                                                                $            126.24

Rough Riders                                                   $            173.30

Rysavy Plumbing                                             $           105.58

Skogen, Nancy                                                 $              3.20

Tenneson, Jayme                                              $           630.00

Tri-County Water                                             $         7,885.00

Terrell, Donny                                                  $            157.60

United Laboratories                                          $           598.74

Vericheck                                                        $             17.00

Verizon                                                            $           280.44

Witzel Construction                                          $        1,558.00

City Salaries                                                     $      11,568.09

City Salaries                                                     $      12,237.39

            TOTAL                                                            $    298,665.16

Next regular meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021 at 6pm. 

Member D. Mattern made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Member Vasichek.

Meeting adjourned at 8:14 p.m.

            APPROVED BY:                                             SUBMITTED BY:



Brad Hooey, Mayor                                          Amie Vasichek, Auditor