March 7, 2022 Regular Meeting

The Lakota City Council held its regular meeting March 7th, 2022, at the City Hall. Mayor Brad Hooey called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. All Council Members were present, except Members Vasichek, who was absent. Barry Glienke was the audience members.  Brian Osowski was on speaker phone. City Auditor Amie Vasichek, City Superintendent Josh Ulland and City Attorney Jayme Tenneson were also in attendance.

The council and audience stood and conducted the pledge of allegiance.

Member Hess made a motion to approve the February 7th, 2022, regular council meeting minutes seconded by Member Fahey. Motion carried.

Mayor Hooey recognized Brian Osowski.

Mr. Osowski stated he was able to get 4 different financial institutions to bid on the refinancing of the municipal water bonds and the State Bank of Lakota was the lowest bid saving the city of Lakota $241,172.28 in debt payments and cutting 4 years of the term.  Mr. Osowski stated with looking at the reserve fund requirements for the current debt, it was suggested to apply $100,000 of reserves towards the debt principal amount allowing for a more favorable outcome on bidding.

Member D. Mattern made a motion to accept the bid results for the refinance of the water revenue bonds, seconded by Member Hess.  On a roll call vote, all members voting in favor.  Motion carried.

Member D. Mattern made a motion to approve the Resolution providing for the issuance and sale of City of Lakota, North Dakota, Water Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2022, and related Matters, seconded by Member Hess.  On a roll call vote, all members voting in favor.  Motion carried.

Mr. Osowski stated he intends to close the bond on April 8, 2022, and will work out the details with Auditor Vasichek. 

Mr. Osowski left the phone conference at 6:08pm.



Mayor Hooey recognized Engineer Glienke.

Engineer Glienke provided the council with information on the assessment district on the west end of town that would include the Hulstrand Addition and Blocks 3 and 4 and the west half of Blocks 2 and 5 of the Osborne Addition.  Engineer Glienke suggested completed the project in two phases, with the first phase completed the water, sewer and streets for the Hulstrand addition and Lots3-8 of Block 6 and Lots 3-8 of Block 4 of the Osborne Addition.  Estimated cost of phase one would be $560,000 to included sewer, water, storm, services, road improvements, engineering, legal, fiscal and contingencies. 

Engineer Glienke stated phase two would extend the sanitary sewer and watermain utilities to the area platted north of C Ave with the estimated cost of $440,000.

D. Mattern stated he was not in favor of assessing the property owners in this area again who are North of C Ave West.  D. Mattern stated it is unfair to the property owners to assess again for a street they do not currently have.  Attorney Tenneson suggested sending letters to all property owners of this district, so they are fully informed of the improvement plan. After more discussion and the potential value of the assessment on the properties, it was decided to only apply the district to the Hulstrand Addition and the lots directly north of C Ave West.  Engineer Glienke suggested another item to help reduce expense is to not pave the developed road until housing projects are complete.  Member Fahey questioned if the assessment could also be completed on the property south of Home Run Court.  Member Fahey stated the property would be more appealing to potential buyers if the water and sewer were more available. 

Member Hess made a motion to approve the Resolution creating Improvement District NO. 2022-1 – New Water Supply, Sewage, Street Systems; and incidentals of the City of Lakota, North Dakota, seconded by Member Solberg. On a roll call vote, all members voting in favor, except Member D. Mattern who abstained. Motion carried.

Member Hess made a motion to approve the Resolution Directing Engineer to Prepare Report, seconded by Member Fahey.  On a roll call vote, all members voting in favor, except Member D. Mattern who abstained. Motion carried.

Member Hess made a motion to approve the Resolution Approving Engineer’s Report, seconded by Member R. Mattern. On a roll call vote, all members voting in favor, except Member D. Mattern who abstained. Motion carried.

Engineer Glienke stated he would work with Auditor Vasichek about getting notification letters out to the property owners in the assessment district.

Member Fahey made a motion to have Bolton and Menk review and replat Block 3 of Re-plat of Blocks 3, 4 and 5 of the Sundeen’s Addition, in Lakota, ND, seconded by Member Hess.  On a roll call vote, all members voting in favor. Motion carried.



Auditor Vasichek stated she has scheduled the Tax Equalization meeting to be held prior to the regular meeting on April 4th, 2022.  The Tax Equalization meeting will start at 5:30pm and the regular meeting will start at 6pm.

Member D. Mattern made a motion to approve the gaming site authorization for Lakota Legion at DD’s Place for 7/1/22-6/30/23, seconded by Member Hess.  All voting in favor. Motion carried.



Supt. Ulland’s report was provided to the council.

Supt. Ulland stated he would like to hire TEAM Lab to come out to conduct a sludge test on cells 1 & 2.

Member Hess made a motion to hire TEAM Lab to survey the city Lagoon Cells 1 & 2, seconded by Member R. Mattern. All members voting in favor. Motion carried.

Supt. Ulland stated there needs to be electrical improvements made at the lift station to get it up to code. 

Member Hess made a motion to hire out the electrical work needed at the lift station, seconded by Member Solberg.  All voting in favor. Motion carried.

Member D. Mattern questioned what the status is on the railing or steps that needed to be repaired at the lift station.  Supt. Ulland stated he would need to review that.  Member D. Mattern stated that repair needs to be a high priority. Auditor Vasichek suggested visiting with Bill Hughes as he reviewed that area last year and had suggested what to do with the railing.

Mayor Hooey stated the snow blower will need to be replaced down the road and the width of it should be increased to 9’.

The city council reviewed all the applications for the name a plow contests. After intense deliberation, the winners were:

Sir Plows A lot – Allison W., 2nd Grade

King Plow – Greyson, 4th Grade

The winners of the contest will be getting to meet the plow operators and the plows, get a picture taken with the plow and $20 in Lakota Bucks.  Each winning name will be placed on one of the 2 snowplows.



No additional report provided.



No additional report provided.



Member D. Mattern questioned if the city should look into hauling in salt to mix with sand for the streets.  Mayor Hooey stated he feels the city will make it thru the rest of this year but could consider doing something like that for next year.

Member Fahey questioned the status on the RV Park grant.  Auditor Vasichek stated the application deadline is March 15th, 2022, so it hasn’t closed yet. 



No report provided.



Mayor Hooey questioned the status of the webcam.  Auditor Vasichek stated the pole needs to be set in order to provide the location of the camera. Auditor Vasichek suggested to speed up the process by having the city crew utilize the bucket truck to provide images and height dimensions for the camera system in the meantime.



Auditor Vasichek’ s written report was provided and attached with minutes.

Auditor Vasichek stated with the recent resignation of the librarian, she is wondering if the library board or the city council should take the lead on the hiring process.  It was suggested to reach out to Nancy Marquart of the library board.

Auditor Vasichek stated that last year the city council entertained the idea of providing discounted boulevard trees to the public. Auditor Vasichek stated she has contact Ivan Berg to get an inventory but wanted to make sure the council was still in favor of this plan.  It was suggested to continue forward with the plan and to have trees available. 

Auditor Vasichek stated that Golf Course Groundskeeper Randy Karas is eager to get out to the course and was curious if he could start on the projects, he suggested to the council last fall.  Mayor Hooey asked for Mr. Karas to join the council at the next meeting.

Auditor Vasichek stated the golf course membership letters have gone out, but she is curious if the council would like to increase the corporate sponsorship dues before, she sends out those letters.  Auditor Vasichek stated the current fee is $275 and the sponsor receives 20 rounds of golf coupons.  It was decided to increase the sponsorship to $300 as it hasn’t been increased for many years.


The council reviewed the financial and utility reports provided.


After review of the bills and vouchers, a motion was made by Member Hess to pay all the bills presented for payment and those bills paid prior to the meeting. Member Fahey seconded the motion. Motion carried, on roll call vote of 5-0.

Advanced Business Methods                             $          300.06

Aramark Uniform                                             $            40.90

BND                                                                $      23,006.04

BCBS                                                               $        6,070.28

Border States                                                    $         1,239.72

Capitol One Trade                                            $              74.37

Cardmember Services                                       $           770.07

Dept of Environmental                                      $             45.00

EFTPS                                                              $        2,371.08

EFTPS                                                              $        2,106.88

Farmers Union Oil                                            $        2,062.55

GF Utility                                                         $             44.00

Hawkins                                                          $           883.78

Lakota Auto                                                     $              29.52

Lakota Drug                                                     $              12.39

Lakota Farm Service                                         $             25.00

Lakota Hardware                                              $            363.74

Lakota Municipal Utilities                                $            290.00

Lakota Municipal Utilities                                $            596.28

Lakota Municipal Utilities                                $       11,503.43

Lakota Sanitation Service                                 $          7,673.16

Menards                                                           $               78.25

Miller Repair                                                    $             403.99

MRES                                                              $             263.82

MRES                                                              $        77,172.10

Nationwide                                                      $            290.00

NDPERS                                                          $         6,385.91

NDDOT                                                           $         1,165.03

Nelson County Sheriff                                      $         2,318.40

Nelson County Treasurer                                  $         3,011.75

Nelson Electrical                                              $         1,350.00

Neonlink                                                          $              30.40

Nodak                                                              $         2,168.05

ND Telephone                                                  $            119.98

Polar                                                                $            698.50

Parrish, Alicia                                                  $            279.82

Quill                                                                $            278.92

Rysavy Plumbing                                             $              59.60

Strata                                                               $         1,685.13

TEAM Lab                                                       $            161.50

Ulland, Josh                                                     $            249.21

US Bank                                                          $       63,056.25

USA Bluebook                                                 $             80.16

Verizon Wireless                                              $            180.01

WSI                                                                 $        2,137.67

City Salaries                                                     $       12,111.52

City Salaries                                                     $       11,497.70

            TOTAL                                                            $     246,741.92

Next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday April 4th, 2022, at 6pm. The Tax Equalization meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 4th, 2022, at 5:30pm.

Member D. Mattern made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Member Solberg

Meeting adjourned at 8:06 p.m.

            APPROVED BY:                                             SUBMITTED BY:



Brad Hooey, Mayor                                          Amie Vasichek, Auditor