October 4, 2021 Regular Meeting

The Lakota City Council held its regular meeting October 4th, 2021, at the City Hall. Mayor Brad Hooey called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. All Council Members were present, except for Member Fahey who was absent. Barry Glienke, David Matejcek, Randy Karas, Matt Armstrong, and Darrell Klundt were the audience members. City Auditor Amie Vasichek and City Superintendent Josh Ulland were also in attendance. Attorney Jayme Tenneson was on speaker phone.

The council and audience stood and conducted the pledge of allegiance.

Member D. Mattern made a motion to approve the September 13th, 2021, regular council meeting minutes seconded by Member Vasichek. Motion carried.

Mayor Hooey recognized Matt Armstrong and Darrell Klundt.

Mr. Klundt stated he is representing CHS and would like to know what the city’s intentions are on the Deck Beck property that was recently acquired by the city.

Mayor Hooey stated personally he would like the lots sold and have the city save the expense of fixing the area up.

Mayor Hooey stated he doesn’t know if the council will decide tonight on what to do with the property, but he will let Mr. Armstrong know immediately after.

Mayor Hooey recognized David Matejcek.

Mr. Matejcek wanted to thank the city for allowing him to utilize the city building to start his business. Mr. Matejcek stated without the help of the city’s building, he wouldn’t have been successful. Member Solberg stated he was thankful with how Mr. Matejcek has left the building. Member Vasichek stated Mr. Matejcek’ s business growth is a sign the incubator program worked and thank Mr. Matejcek for utilizing it.

Mayor Hooey recognized Randy Karas.

Mr. Karas thanked the council for allowing him to be the golf course groundskeeper and requested the council to provide him with a salary offer for next year to negotiate. Mr. Karas stated the irrigation will be turned off on October 6th. Mr. Karas stated he has planted about 65 trees on the course, created 2 new bridges and rocked the coulee.

The council thanked Mr. Karas for his work at the course.

Armstrong, Klundt, Matejcek and Karas left the meeting at 6:09pm




Mayor Hooey wanted to table the sidewalk concern topic as bids have not been received to complete the work.

Supt. Ulland passes around a bid for a new vactron from RDO. The council stated at this time to purchase a new vactron was an expense they did not want to commit to and recommended to continue to rent equipment as needed.

Mayor Hooey questioned Jayme Tenneson on the status of a housing fund. Attorney Tenneson stated he spoke with the NDLC attorney, and she did not think there is any authority of the law allowing the city to buy and flip houses in the community. After discussion it was decided to earmark $25,000/year to allow the purchase of depilated houses for tear down.

Mayor Hooey stated the city is experiencing an abundance of skunks around town.



Member Solberg stated Larry and Nancy Hulstrand have offered to gift a parcel of land to the city for a housing development on the west end of town with the stipulation of planting a row of trees running east and west to show the property line. Member Solberg also stated the Hulstrand’s would like the city to require a time frame for a building to commence on each property when sold to potential homeowners.

Attorney Tenneson left the meeting at 6:30pm.

Member Solberg recommended getting the property appraised to be able to offer the value as a tax write off to the Hulstrand’s. Member Vasichek stated when the transition is complete, the city should write a thank you in the Lakota American.

Mayor Hooey suggested planting 2 rows of evergreens spacing them 20’ apart. Auditor Vasichek is checking with Lundeby’s Nursery for inventory.

Member Solberg made a motion to approve up to $5,000 for trees to be planted on the west end of town, seconded by Member Vasichek. On a roll call vote, all members voting in favor. Motion carried.

Member D. Mattern suggested buying out the properties to the north of this Hulstrand property to relieve the property owners with their street special assessments.

Member Solberg stated the city is not able to buy out property because the owners are upset with their special assessments. Mayor Hooey stated he does not agree with buying the property.

Mayor Hooey asked the council what their thoughts were on the recent Beck property west of the city shop that the city now owns and the option for CHS to purchase it.

Member Vasichek stated with the improvements going on recently in the community and the need for commercial property, he would hesitate to start releasing property that goes undeveloped. Member Solberg agreed and the council decided to fill in the hole and level the property.

Engineer Glienke was in attendance to answer any questions of the council. Engineer Glienke stated the city appears to have a few potential projects coming into play and would like to offer his services.

Member Vasichek made a motion to sign a master service agreement with Apex Engineering; Barry Glienke, seconded by Member Solberg. On a roll call vote, all members voting in favor. Motion carried.

The council stated they would like to appoint Dennis Fahey as the city of Lakota representative for the county redistricting board.



Supt. Ulland provided a list of work completed the previous month.

Supt. Ulland stated the crew would like to explore the option of buying or leasing a mini-x.

Member Vasichek stated the city and the school subcommittees for the community center will meet at the end of October or November.

Member Hooey stated he will meet with Supt. Ulland to review the community center floor moisture issues.

Member Hess questioned if there is a county water board project that the city is involved with. Supt. Ulland stated he attended a meeting with the water board, Jay Sundeen and Delbert Schindele recently. Supt. Ulland stated they are clearing 9 miles between pelican lake and jones lake and would like the city to cost share in the expense as the city drains into the area. Supt. Ulland stated the two individuals are planning to complete most of the work but will hire Brian Johnson for the remaining portion. Supt. Ulland stated he does not have an approximate estimate of cost. Member Solberg suggested having the individuals come to present the project at the next meeting.

Member Solberg stated there are an abundance of leaves to pick up on the streets. Supt. Ulland stated the crew will be working on cleaning them up.

Mayor Hooey stated the mosquitos are bad lately and with the upcoming nice weather, it wouldn’t hurt to spray one last time for the year. Supt. Ulland stated he felt it was a waste of money to do so. It was suggested to see how the school football playoffs go and if needed, to spray the school football field area.




No additional report provided.


No additional report provided.


No additional council reports provided.


No report provided.


No report provided.


Auditor Vasichek’ s written report was provided and attached with minutes.

Auditor Vasichek invited all council members to the upcoming Destination Red River Region Findings Workshop on October 18th.

The council reviewed the financial and utility reports provided.


No additional report provided.

After review of the bills and vouchers, a motion was made by Member D. Mattern to pay all the bills presented for payment and those bills paid prior to the meeting. Member R. Mattern seconded the motion. Motion carried, on roll call vote of 5-0.


Advanced Business Methods                             $          289.00

Aflac                                                               $          464.16

Agcom                                                             $          361.03

Aramark                                                          $            40.90

BCBS                                                               $        6,062.28            

Border States                                                    $        1,394.53

Bullis, Troy                                                      $           250.00

Caldwell Tanks                                                $      38,536.67

Cardmember Services                                       $        1,308.25

Dakota Implement                                            $             39.46

EFTPS                                                              $        2,655.16

Farmers Union Oil                                            $           481.44

Ferguson Waterworks                                       $        3,451.98

Hawkins                                                          $           867.99

Job Service                                                      $       1,317.58

Karas, Randy                                                   $           35.92

Krabbenhoft                                                     $           109.44

Lakota Municipal Utilities                                $            290.00

Lakota Municipal Utilities                                $            392.37

Lakota Municipal Utilities                                $         3,036.53

Lakota Sanitation Service                                 $         8,310.24

Leon’s Building                                                $              24.98

Lakota Good Sam                                             $            250.00

McLean, Gary                                                  $               25.00

Menards                                                           $            141.60

Nationwide                                                      $            145.00

NDPERS                                                          $         6,228.65

Nelson County Sheriff                                      $         2,318.40

ND One Call                                                    $             12.50

Office of State Auditor                                     $           375.11

Polar                                                                $           680.90

Pro Turf Systems                                              $        3,965.00

Quill                                                                $           164.90

Rysavy Plumbing                                             $           225.50

Thein Well                                                       $           275.00

U.S. Dept of Energy                                         $        5,000.00

Ulland, Josh                                                     $           428.96

United Laboratories                                          $           410.16

USABluebook                                                  $           339.86

Vericheck                                                        $            17.60

Verizon Wireless                                              $            199.39

Wagner Construction                                        $       50,205.20

City Salaries                                                     $       14,598.83

City Salaries                                                     $       15,447.12

            TOTAL                                                            $     171,174.59

Next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday November 1st, 2021, at 6pm.

Member Solberg suggested discussing Randy Karas wage for next meeting as he feels Randy is looking for more pay if he were to take the position again. Member Vasichek suggested offering a bonus to him and Rick Schmidt for the additional work/time put into this year. Auditor Vasichek will check with Attorney Tenneson about the option.

Member D. Mattern made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Member R. Mattern.

Meeting adjourned at 7:21 p.m.

            APPROVED BY:                                             SUBMITTED BY:



Brad Hooey, Mayor                                          Amie Vasichek, Auditor