First Rental Spot Taken
First Rental Spot Taken by Randy Helle
North Dakota Governor's Plane
Lakota Municipal Airport Terminal and Hanger
Terminal and Hanger

Lakota Municipal Airport Terminal and Hanger

The Lakota Municipal Airport 5L0 is home to a 3500' X 60' runway. Runway 15/33 is at an elevation of 1511.30. End of Runway 15 is located at Lattitude 48°02'02.535" and Longitude 98°19'37.712 and end of Runway 33 is Lattitude 48°01'29.171" and Longitute 98°19'24.392. It has a rotating beacon with a segmented circle and windcone that is lighted. The taxiway and runway lights are lit from dusk to midnight and can be brought up anytime by keying frequency 122.8 at 3, 5 and 7 clicks. It also has a PAPI navigational aid.

 In 2011 the terminal and hanger was completed this allowed more storage for local planes and an area for pilots to plan flight plans or just take a break. We are still looking for items to finish off the decoration of the terminal such as pictures, posters etc.

 For more information and runway condition call the Airport Manager, Matt Nelson, at 713-320-4770 or contact City Hall at 701-247-2454. Additional information is also available at


Airport Fee Schedule:

Hanger Rates:

  • Annual Contract - assures availability for aircraft  $1,200.00.
  • Semi-annual Contract - Based on availability. November-April or May-October.  Overage pro-rated at $4.25/day  $675.00.
  • Monthly Contract - Based on availability.  Overage pro-rated at $4.25/day.
  • Overnight Rate - Based on availability.  $25.00.

Airport Fees:

  • Commercial Operator - Annual fee for commercial operator to operate on field.  No proration.  $500.00.
  • Airport Lot Lease - Private hanger on airport property (annually)  $300.00  Commercial hanger on airport property (annually) $1,000.00.
  • Airport Tie-Down - Overnight - $4.00.  Monthly - $60.00.  Annually - $500.00.