City Landfill

THE CITY OF LAKOTA’S LANDFILL - Regular hours are every Wednesday and Saturday from noon to 5pm, weather permitting.

There is no charge for residents desiring to haul their own yard waste (leaves, grass clippings and tree limbs) to the landfill. If you are not using biodegradable bags, you will need to empty the contents of regular yard bags into the compost area. Yard bags are not permitted. No plastic or branches are to be put in the compost pile. Branches are to be put in the tree pile-Absolutely no other material allowed. Your cooperation is needed to allow the landfill to remain open. Residential rates are: pickup—$10.00, single axel truck—$20.00, all appliances are $5.00. Some items not accepted at the landfill are: tires, computers, tvs, paint, any item containing Freon. We will have a landfill attendant on site, please submit payment at time of entering landfill. If you have any questions please call the City Hall at 247-2454. Thank You!